anti-inflammatory living for humans with bodies

living (free) with autoimmune disease

Whether you have been awarded some diagnosed condition or not, we all suffer from and revel within the human condition. You have a body and you have a mind, hopefully. Though typically viewed as separate entities, at least in the Western frame of thought, they are one in the same. If I have learned anything through my own human experience, it is this.

In effect of my ever-present intent towards deeper balance, I have come to some sort of local prowess or understanding maybe. Living in harmony with my physical presence and my consciousness, my knowledge, whether by chance or by design, I find I have a lot to share with my fellow beings. Increasing awareness, even if in the most general sense, of how what we choose to put in our bodies effects our experience through our health and in turn the health of those around us and thus this world we live in.

Assuming we all share the same desire to FEEL GOOD, the most obvious place to start is with food. The stuff we all tend to consistently shove in our faces every day, several times over. Our fuel – the direct source of life, growth, warmth, and healing. Yet can and is also, unfortunately, the source of disease and suffering of all magnitudes. Destruction. However, when in sync with the body’s incredible innate nourishing capacities, what we eat can alter the world more directly than most any other continuous action.

If for nothing else I am here to sow seeds from the fruits of my human experience – what I have learned to embody whether through study or trial and error or pure coincidence. This embodiment is literally that. The manifestation of choice, compassion, and intent in actual existence. Recognizing that a whole-foods, plant-based lifestyle works wonders for bringing us closer to our best self, in light of the fact that we are all still ‘human’. We are in this together, you and I, one in the same.