to ritualize and normalize super satiating self care.

to be in your body. with ease. to tend to your health. with joy.

to embrace regenerative and expansive healing.

to have a relationship with our bodies and our food, in symbiosis.

to revel in truly clean, anti-inflammatory sustainable foods that are equally as craveable.


Like endless things born from personal health hardships and frustrations, my ultimate truth proves fully resonate with a shared and core human desire, to feel good. To have freedom within the constraints of our bodies. Bodies which, as a baseline truth, are inexplicably and undeniably linked with our minds and our mystical selves. To not be at battle with or even in resistance to, but rather in harmony with. With understanding and ease and forgiveness, note *not* perfection. An admittedly esoteric and idealist perspective, but what are we living for if not in pursuit of regeneration and expansion? In acceptance and absorption of the now, yet turning towards and leaning into growth and healing. The real juice is these two, hand in hand. The food is such an offering, the tangible (highly digestible) manifestation of the endless exploration of this relationship. Our nourishment is our ground. As is our health. And our joy. So we start with those.


Our anti-inflammatory approach extends beyond the superfoods themselves and their effects on our bodies. The wider impact we are imposing is just as much of a consideration. We believe that one cannot go without the other. From our glass, which is totally recyclable and repurposeful, to our organic whenever possible sourcing. And keeping it simple! Goals are to one day have the resources to source 100% directly and support the most sustainable farming practices, and even possibly grow our own superfoods. Dreamers gonna dream.